About Kieser

About Kieser

The origins of Kieser extend back to 1966 in Switzerland when founder Werner Kieser opened the first Kieser centre.  Werner was a boxer and a wrestler in the early 1950s.  After an unfortunate boxing accident, he began to look into strength training as a way to speed his recovery. During this time, strength and resistance training was virtually unknown and Werner made it his mission to become the voice for this new type of exercise.  Now, over 50 years later, there are over 130 facilities throughout Europe and Kieser is known as the world leader in strength training for health. 

Established in Melbourne in 2006, Kieser Australia is a network of integrated physiotherapy, rehabilitation and strength training centres predicated on Werner’s concept and the core principle of “Strength for Health”.  Kieser is a new and exciting concept in the Australian health sector. 

We grow on resistance – a message from Werner Kieser

“Kieser is an international brand that stands for strength training for prevention and therapy. Its focus on strength was the result of many years of experience acquired through working with those who train.

In the early years, I extended my product range to include sauna and massage facilities. However, I observed two things that made me decide to concentrate solely on strengthening.

Firstly, many customers tended to prefer the “secondary services” to strength training and they failed to make progress with their training.

Secondly, I observed that those who took training seriously became more active – mentally, physically, at work and in their sport.

Strength seemed to have a positive effect on all areas of their life.

Nowadays, demographic trends have put a new emphasis on the need to strengthen the musculoskeletal system: the decline in the strength of bones and muscles is precursor to many age-related disorders. In addition, these ailments are affecting people at an increasingly young age. Research has shown that with the right training physical function can be retained at any age.”

Werner Kieser

"My aim in offering Kieser is to provide those prepared to take personal responsibility with the opportunity to keep the musculoskeletal system strong and healthy."

Werner Kieser, Founder of Kieser AG

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