Spinal Physiotherapy

Eliminate back pain with Kieser

Spinal Physiotherapy

Back Pain - Therapy Procedure

Initial Consultation
Physiotherapy at Kieser starts with a 45-minute initial consultation with one of our physiotherapists. Following a thorough clinical examination and diagnostic back strength test, the physiotherapist will discuss the best course of action with you. If physiotherapy is recommended, the physiotherapist will prepare an appropriate treatment plan. Depending on your condition this would typically involve a program of between 12 to 18 sessions with 1 or 2 sessions per week.

Physiotherapy Sessions
Following the initial consultation, each subsequent session is 30 minutes in duration under the 1:1 care of the physiotherapist. Every session includes an objective and subjective evaluation of progress, hands on physiotherapy and a therapy session on the Kieser Lumbar Extension (LE) machine. We adjust the machine, record your current pain-free range of motion and measure the strength of your deep spinal muscles. The results are displayed graphically on the computer screen. Your physiotherapist will also prescribe a series of supplementary exercises designed to strengthen the muscles that stabilise the trunk.

The LE machine isolates the deep back extensor muscles and over the period of your treatment program your strength will gradually increase. Your range of motion and load-bearing capacity is also incrementally increased. The aim is to reduce pain, normalise spinal mobility, eliminate patterns of movement developed to avoid pain, reduce anxiety and give you the confidence and strength required for everyday life.

Completion of Program
During your course of physiotherapy we closely monitor your progress. As your strength increases and symptoms abate your physiotherapist will schedule a subsequent back test to provide an objective assessment of therapy gains. If this test shows that the strength of your back muscles is now normal, you should be able to cope with everyday loads. If they are not quite up to that level, it may be recommended that your course of therapy be extended.

Independent strength training
On successful completion of therapy we will discuss with you the benefits of continuing with an independent strength and conditioning program. Research has shown that patients undertaking ongoing strength and conditioning will allow therapy benefits to be maintained for years. In fact, in many instances further strength and functional gains will be made.

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Spinal Physiotherapy

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