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Do you have a high performance bike without a muscular system to match?

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Want to improve your cycling? Want to feel more comfortable on your bike? Strength training holds the key to being fast, comfortable and injury free on the bike

The biggest difference between professional cyclists and recreational cyclists is not their bike. You can buy a Tour De France bike tomorrow from your local shop and it won't make any difference to how much you enjoy your next ride.

You see, the more successful the cyclist, the more preparation and conditioning they undertake before they hop on the bike. A large portion of this time is devoted to strength training for the following 5 reasons: 

  1. Strength training reduces injuries - research shows that those who complete regular strength training programs are 30% less likely to be injured when doing aerobic sports. This is because strength training can balance your muscle strength, improve your posture and take significant load off your joints and tendons. This doesn't only apply to severe injuries, being strong from strength training can also reduce your aches, pains and niggles that you get when you are training for a big event - like Team Zagame's Around the Bay in a Day.
  2. Strength training is efficient - good strength training programs for cyclists need only to last 30 minutes and be performed twice per week. This is great news because it means that strength training doesn't eat into your time on the bike and you can still spend the hours you want on Beach Rd or your local bike trail. 
  3. Strength training improves your position and posture - this is vitally important for comfort, injury prevention, aerodynamics and efficiency on the bike. A good strength training program will allow you to hold your spine and pelvis in the correct position for longer on the bike - something we all wish for after getting a little achy on a long, tiring ride. 
  4. Strength training improves performance - faster on the flats, stronger up the hills and more powerful for the occasional sprint. All of these areas can be improved by complementing your riding with time spent building up the muscles in your legs and core. 
  5. Strength training is healthy - not only will it enhance your cycling experience, but we also know that strength training is good for weight loss, pain reduction, diabetes, osteoporosis, blood pressure and many more!

For all of these reasons we recommend strength training as a fantastic complement to your cycling. If you would like to know more about the benefits of strength training for cyclists book your initial consultation here

Cycling Program

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Oberschenkel vorne B1

    B1: Quadriceps

  • Trainings Programme Oberschenkel Hinten B7

    B7: Hamstrings

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Hüfte A1

    A1: Hamstrings, Gluteals and Lower Back

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Rumpf F1

    F1: Obliques

  • Trainingsprogramm für den unteren Rücken F3

    F3: Lower Back

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Wade J1

    J1: Calves

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Training Programs

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