Tennis Program

Game, Set, Strength!

Tennis Program

All it takes is 2 x 30 minutes a week to dramatically improve your strength and prepare you for your best tennis season yet

“Strength and Endurance”
When you play a game like tennis, whether it’s socially with friends or for competition, you quickly come to appreciate the superior fitness, power and endurance required by all players today when on the court.

Kieser appreciates the physicality of tennis as a sport, and recognises the risk of injury that comes along with it. Most injuries to tennis players are biomechanical rather than traumatic. That is, the strength and endurance of major muscle groups is a common contributing factor. With early fatigue comes overloading, resulting in injury.

Targeted, specific and isolated strength training; in conjunction with match-specific training has not only been shown to reduce injury risks, but has also resulted in statistically significant improvements in serving velocity.

“Limit fatigue and injury”
At Kieser, not only can we assist with any of those injuries you might have been unfortunate enough to sustain, but our evidence based strength and conditioning programs will improve your power, speed and endurance, to limit fatigue and help reduce the risk of injury, so you can focus on being your best on court.

Tennis programs at Kieser target strength & stability of the shoulder complex; improved core control; lower limb, ankle strength and spinal stability. The programs are always personalised to accommodate each player, their history, and their goals.

The following machines are particularly good at provide the strength you need for tennis:

  • Rotator Cuff (E4/E5)
  • Lower Back (F3)
  • Forearms (H3)
  • Hip Adductors (A4)

Tennis Program

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Schulter E4

    E4/E5: Rotator Cuff

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Rumpf F1

    F1: Obliques

  • Trainingsprogramm für den unteren Rücken F3

    F3: Lower back

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Rücken C1

    C1: Lats

  • Trainingsprogramm für das Gesäss A3

    A3: Gluteals

  • Trainings Programme Unterarm H3

    H3: Forearms

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