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Our role in complimenting elite Sports Medicine

Elite Sport

Such is the uniqueness and specificity of our equipment, we have been consulting in elite sport for the past five years.  Sports doctors and sports physiotherapists have seen the advantages our objective testing equipment can offer elite athletes.  We have screened whole squads to individual players to provide elite sport staff with more accurate and more specific information about injury risk and rehabilitation progress.

 We offer full Range of Motion testing for the following areas of movement and muscle groups:

  • Lumbar extension
  • Cervical extension
  • Torso Flexion/ abdominals
  • Torso Rotation/ obliques
  • Hip abduction
  • Knee flexion/ hamstrings
  • Knee extension/ quadriceps

In preparation for the 2015 season, we completed a screening project with the Geelong Football club, which involved:

  • Screening the full squad
  • Identification of "High performing benchmarks" and "Low performing risk athletes"
  • Designing a six-week intervention for the high risk atheltes
  • Re-assessment of strength

If you would like further information for your elite or amateur team, please contact info@kieser.com.au

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