Sports Performance

From the weekend warrior to the corporate athlete

Enhancing Sport Performance

For us at Kieser, sports performance isn’t just about the world of elite sport. Sports performance is 60 year old Martin Jones dropping his golf handicap from 18 to 10.  Sports performance is 45 year old Julie J. completing her first 10km run in under 1 hour

At Kieser we see 2 different types of athletes:
The Weekend Warrior
Those of us "Average Joe" athletes out there who are just looking to improve our performance to enjoy our favourite sport a little more

The Corporate Athlete
Not enough time to complete 20+ hours of training every week?  Kieser programs are targeted and specific, meaning you are not wasting any of your precious free time

A new set of golf clubs or a new bike might look impressive, but they will be more useful once your body is capable of handling the physical demands of your chosen sport.  

Depending on the requirements of your sport, Kieser can help you with:

  • Core strength – important for performance and injury prevention in all sports
  • Strength and power – to increase club head speed for explosive sports such as golf.
  • Range of movement – to aid in improving technique in swinging sports such as tennis
  • Postural endurance – to improve efficiency of technique in endurance sports such as running

Sports Physiotherapy

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